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Scholarships are a free resource you do not pay back.

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Your achievements in class and outside the classroom can earn you scholarship money for educational expenses. Scholarships are “gift aid,” meaning they are a free resource you do not repay. They are awarded for any number of reasons such as: academic standing, leadership, specialized talents, ethnic origin, etc., and are available whether you are just beginning your ECC studies or are near graduation.

Complete applications and all required materials must be submitted before a student will be considered for a scholarship. Some scholarship funds are available for in-district students only.

Scholarship Opportunities at ECC

ECC Foundation Scholarships

The ECC Foundation raises funds to improve lives through learning for students at ECC. Thanks to the generosity of its donors and supporters, the ECC Foundation currently offers more than 200 student scholarships each year.

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District 509 Board of Trustees Scholarships

Set forth by the District 509 Board of Trustees for residents, these scholarships recognize superior individual achievement.

Trustee Scholarship Details

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