Broaden Possibilities

Elgin Community College's robust internship program helps prepare and match well-qualified students with excellent internship opportunities, both locally and nationally.

Students gain relevant work experience in their programs of study, and companies build a recruiting pipeline with up-and-coming professionals – a win/win for everyone!

Student Intern Benefits

  • Apply what you are learning in your courses in a real-world environment.
  • Increase your experience and skills in your chosen career field.
  • Build your soft skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Grow a professional network.
  • Learn about a company.
  • Solidify your career goals.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the current job market.

Student internship interest form

Employer ROI

  • Identify qualified candidates in a variety of career pathways.
  • Host enthusiastic students who are studying the most recent technologies and strategies.
  • Use a cost-effective way to enhance your team's strengths, and increase your productivity.
  • "Test drive" potential employees and build a recruiting pipeline.
  • Work with students who know the importance of soft skills.
  • Be a mentor to the future workforce.

Employer internship interest form

Student Opportunities

An internship is a great way to make connections, build your résumé, apply what you are learning in the classroom, and learn more about a career that interests you.

Internship Basics

  • An internship must be an intentional learning experience that is closely aligned with a student's program of study and have learning objectives.
  • Most internships are 10 to 16 weeks long but can extend up to one year.
  • The majority of internships are paid, and depending on the program of study may be available for academic credit.
  • Students must meet minimum GPA and credit completion criteria to be eligible for an internship.

Students: Get started

  1. Submit a Student Internship Interest Form.
  2. Meet with the Internship Coordinator.
  3. Complete the Student Action Plan Workbook which will include:
    1. Preparing for an internship.
    2. Pursuing an internship.
    3. Successfully obtaining an internship.
    4. Follow-up and evaluation.

Employer Opportunities

Internships offer students a chance to explore career possibilities and develop skills needed to be successful in the future!

Employers: Get Started

  1. Review the Employer-Sponsor-Handbook.
  2. Review the Fair Labor Standards Act (Fact Sheet #71).
  3. Posting your Internship Positions:
    If you have questions or would like to discuss an internship relationship with ECC: If you already have an Internship Description and are ready to go: