Improve Your GPA

Not happy with your grades? We can help you do better.

If you’ve received a few low grades, don’t despair. You can do many things to improve your study habits, understand the course material, and bring your GPA up to where you want it to be. Here are just a few.

Talk to Your Instructor

Take a few minutes after class to connect, or stop by during your instructor’s posted office hours. Our instructors want to see you succeed.

Visit the Tutoring Center

We offer free tutoring in more than 50 subjects and general topics like study skills and overcoming testing anxiety. Join a study skills class or sign up for private tutoring—either way, our professional tutors will help you learn and thrive.

Additional Resources

Talk to Your Academic Advisor

Your advisor can help you navigate the resources available to you. Make an appointment by calling 847-214-7390 or emailing

Meet with a Wellness Professional

If personal issues are getting in the way of your academic progress, make an appointment with a wellness professional.