Student Records and Transcripts

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From transcripts to transfer credits, we're here to help.

ECC’s Records Office maintains your academic records from your first day on campus through graduation and beyond. We treat your records with the utmost confidentiality and maintain them in a secure online environment, giving you online access any time of day or night.

Grades & Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your grades are important to you—and they’re important to us, too. Your grcalade point average (GPA) is an important indicator of your progress in college, and it’s used as a factor if you plan to transfer elsewhere and in determining scholarships.

For details about our grading system, review the student grades policy for more information. For suggestions on raising your GPA, see improve your grades.

Standards of Academic Progress (SOAP)

ECC requires students to make satisfactory academic progress toward their educational goals, defined as a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. For details, see Standards of Academic Progress policy. Or check improve your grades for tips on raising your GPA.

Transcript Requests

Your transcript is the official record of your academic experience at ECC—the courses you took and the grades you received. You can order official copies of your transcript for free. Learn how to order ECC transcripts

Update Your Information

If you have a new address, email address or phone number, update it through the accessECC portal. To update other personal information, such as your name or your Social Security number, you’ll need to bring the appropriate documentation to the Records Office.  

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transferring to ECC from another college? Get credit for prior coursework by submitting your official transcript. Learn about transfer credit evaluation


Getting ready to graduate? Before you can walk across the stage, make sure you’ve fulfilled the requirements for your program and complete the graduation application through accessECCLearn more about graduation

Granting Access to Your Records

Your educational records are confidential by law; no one can access your grades and other records without your written permission. However, if you want to allow someone to access your records, submit the consent to release information. Review the  for more information.

Additional Resources

As a student at ECC, you are entitled to the rights and privileges that go along with being a member of the college community. Here are some of the policies and procedures that you should be familiar with.