ECC is proud to offer the Transforming and Impacting Undergraduate Men Pursuing Higher Education (TRIUMPH) Program to increase the number of males of color graduating from community colleges. The program helps male students of color realize their potential, and equips them with the tools to succeed in their academic, personal, and future professional lives.

National research shows that males of color who start college as a freshman are less likely than either sex of any race or ethnicity to complete their degree. TRIUMPH, which was started by Triton College in 2014, focuses on helping those scholars achieve their goals and improve these statistics.

  • Services Offered

    The program offers mentoring, networking, study sessions, volunteering and service projects to cultivate skills in these areas:

    • Conflict resolution
    • Emotion management
    • Financial literacy
    • Goal setting
    • Public speaking
    • Time management
    • Writing
  • Program Eligibility

    Male minority

  • Steps to Apply

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