Career Assessment Package

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Self-Knowledge + Career Exploration = Career Clarity

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Let the CAP help you find the formula for your success.

The Career Assessment Package (CAP) creates a comprehensive career development picture. You’ll meet one-on-one with a Career Development Specialist to go over the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) results and the Strong Interest Inventory®, the two most widely used psychological assessments. With the CAP, you’ll gain insight into your unique personality, interests, strengths, and values.

Through the CAP process, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself that will help you define and achieve your goals. Understanding your personality, interests, values, skills, and abilities play in your future career is the foundation for good career decision-making. Knowing who you are as a person will help you decide what majors and careers “fit” (and those that don’t) you.

  1. Take assessments to understand yourself.
    Once you understand yourself at a deeper level, you’ll work with a counselor to help you identify majors and careers that fit your unique personality, strengths, interests, and values.
      The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) will help you design a career that fits your natural personality.
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      The Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) will match your interests to college majors and 130 different careers.
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      The values assessment will help you determine what is most important to you to ensure you choose a career that fits.
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  2. Meet with a Career Development Specialist to review results.
    Includes two career counseling sessions (one 2-hour and one 1-½-hour) to help you interpret your assessment results to purposefully design your future work environment to create your career vision and identify and explore careers that people with your interests and personality are employed in and enjoy. The CAP includes two career counseling sessions to help you interpret your results:
    • Career counseling session 1
      In this 2-hour session, you’ll work with a counselor to help you define your goals and dive into your unique personality.
    • Career counseling session 2
      In this 1-1/2-hour session, explore your interests and values and help you create a decision-making plan.
    If needed, you’re welcome to continue to meet with your specialist until you feel confident that you have picked a major and career right for you.
  3. Use what you learn to choose or confirm your major and career.
    Choosing a major and designing your future career is not easy. The CAP is a great way to assist you in this process. By working one-on-one with a Career Development Specialist, you will understand how your assessments can help you decide on a major and career that’s a good fit for you.

Get started today—how to take the CAP.

  • Call the Student Accounts Department at 847-214-7380 and tell them you would like to pay for the CAP.
  • They will ask you for your student ID number and credit card information. (Alternatively, visit Student Accounts in B151 to pay in person, cash, check, or credit card.)
  • After payment, you will receive an email with links to take the assessments and more specific instructions on what to do next. (Please allow 1-2 business days for email.)
  • If you are on campus, you may visit the Student Success Center in B120. If you are a community member without a student ID#, please call Career Development Services at 847-214-7390.

Cost of the CAP

  • $20 for ECC students and alumni
  • $20 for in-district high school juniors and seniors
  • $120 for in-district community members

Cost includes the three assessments, two review sessions, and follow-up career counseling sessions as needed.

MBTI Personality Assessment

About 2 million people a year take the MBTI personality assessment tool to measure interests over several categories. It helps give voice to who you are, so you can use that information to identify where you will naturally fit in the world of work and identify careers and work environments that match your unique personality.

The MBTI can help you answer the following:

    • Who am I, and why do I want to work?
    • What type of tasks would I perform most naturally?
    • Where am I most happy?
    • What are my most natural strengths and challenges?

What does the Strong Interest Inventory® do?

With 80 years of research, the SII will help you dive into your interests to identify majors and careers that match you. It compares you to people with similar interests and motivations to see where they are employed, providing rankings for 130 different occupations. It uses Holland Occupational Themes to help match you to your ideal work environment.

The SII can help you:

      • Discover what you want to do and where you want to do it using their interest inventory.
      • Choose a major or career that is aligned with your interests.
      • Increase your chances of job satisfaction.
      • Choose appropriate education and training.

Values Assessment

If your values align with your job, career, and co-workers, there is a strong likelihood that you will be more satisfied. This Values assessment will allow you to see what values are most important to you to choose a future career that will fulfill what you want.

The Values Assessment can help you:

    • Determine what is most important to you to find careers that match.
    • Discover what values rank highest when compared to one another.
    • Use your values to determine what you should pay attention to in your personal and professional life.