Dual Enrollment Program

ECC’s dual-enrollment program is a great choice for high school and homeschooled students who want to take one or two college classes in addition to their regular school schedules.

How It Works

In dual enrollment, you’ll attend regular high school or homeschool classes during the day, then take one or two additional classes at Elgin Community College in the evening. You’ll get college credit for the courses you take at ECC; high school credit is not guaranteed.

Course Options

Choose from any of ECC’s general education courses, ranging from biology and chemistry to music and theatre.

College Life

As a dual-enrollment student at ECC, you can immerse yourself in campus life. Join a club, write for the newspaper, or audition for a play —it’s a great way to get the full college experience.

Who Qualifies

Dual-enrollment courses are open to high school and homeschooled students who have demonstrated college readiness through their scores on the ACT, SAT, or ECC placement tests. 

How to Apply

Interested in dual enrollment? Here’s how to get started:

Decisions for student admission and enrollment are made on a case-by-case basis. Students under 16 must also receive approval from the appropriate academic dean and the Dean of Student Services and Development or designee. The admissions office will facilitate the appropriate approvals once courses are identified. Decisions will be made based on the demonstration of college readiness and maturity of the student.

Secondary and homeschooled students are limited to registering for a maximum of six credit hours per semester and will enroll during their New Student Orientation Session (NSO). Students seeking Dual Enrollment need to plan ahead to ensure the enrollment process is completed before the class starts.