As an Elgin Community College student, you are likely to take courses in the English Department to fulfill requirements related to many degrees and certificates as well as for personal interest in such areas as composition, literature, journalism and creative writing.

ECC’s English Department offers accelerated developmental courses for students who need extra help and honors courses for those seeking an additional challenge. Our professors emphasize skills that will serve you in further studies, the workforce, and as an essential life skill.

Faculty members are passionate about teaching you skills that will make you competitive in a world where clear and meaningful written communication is essential. As global communication increases and distance communication becomes even more prevalent, solid skills in written communication will continue to increase in importance. The English Department is here to help you assemble those skills to compete successfully in your future.

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Students interested in journalism will learn the history and importance of print media, broadcast media, digital media, advertising, and public relations as well as understand the rapidly evolving nature of this discipline. Practical training in all aspects of newspaper production is gained by working on the student newspaper, the ECC Observer. 

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If you are interested in the power of the written word, ECC offers substantial coursework in literature covering all major genres and time periods. Specialty topics include literature by women, children’s literature, LGBTQ literature, and multicultural American literature. The department also offers a series of great books seminars that explores classic writings in the humanities. ECC will host the ISCC Skyway Writers Competition and Festival on November 14, 2019.  

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Guided Transfer Pathway Available

Learn more about a plan ECC offers to guide you toward courses relevant to your interests and based on the requirements of certain 4-year institutions. See all Guided Transfer Options.

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