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Add a short-term certificate to your resume and offer employers new skills making you more relevant, marketable, and in-demand. This list of short-term certificates highlights the credit hours required to complete each program. Use the category link to find out more details in our course catalog. 


View Automotive Catalog

  • Auto Heating & Air Conditioning (6 credits)
  • Automotive Electrical Specialist (10 credits)
  • Brake & Suspension Specialist (10 credits)
  • Engine Mechanical Repair Specialist (7 credits)
  • Transmission & Drivetrain Specialist (12 credits)


View Business Catalog

  • Introductory Entrepreneurship (12 credits)
  • Marketing (12 credits)
  • Retail Management (12 credits)
  • Supervisory & Administrative Management (15 credits)

Communication Design

View Communication Design Catalog

  • Adobe® Creative Suite® (12 credits)
  • Videography (15 credits)
  • Web Design (12 credits)

Computer-Aided Design

View Computer-Aided Design Catalog

  • Architectural Design (9 credits)
  • AutoCAD® (9 credits)
  • Practicing Professional-ProE (15 credits)
  • Revit® (6 credits)
  • SOLIDWORKS® (10 credits)

Computer Information Systems

View Computer Information Systems Catalog

  • Computer Network Support Specialist (9 credits)
  • Computer User Support Specialist (13 credits)

Culinary Arts and Hospitality

View Culinary Arts and Hospitality Catalog

  • Cook Assistant/Baker Assistant (13 credits)
  • Decorative Pastry (12 credits)
  • Ice Carving (5 credits)

Emergency Services - Fire Science/Safety

View Emergency Services - Fire Science/Safety Catalog

  • Emergency Medical Technician: Basic (8 credits)
  • Fire Officer I (15 credits)
  • Fire Science (9 credits)
  • Public Safety Communications (6 credits)

Health Professions

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

View Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Catalog

Residential HVAC Systems (12.5 credits)

Modern Languages

View Modern Languages Catalog

Basic Spanish for Medical Personnel (6 credits)

Truck Driving

View Truck Driving Catalog

Certified Forklift Operator (1 credit)


Note these programs are not eligible for PELL grant funds but do qualify for scholarships or other aid.