Emergency Management

Establishing a Safe Campus

Elgin Community College is committed to student success and keeping everyone safe. Our mission continues even during this extraordinary time. As we strive to improve people’s lives through learning, your health and safety remain our top priority. As our knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 evolve, our policies and ECC will update plans appropriately and comply with state and local guidelines.

Campus Emergency Operations Plan

The Campus Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) describes the system that will be used by Elgin Community College (ECC) to prepare for, protect from, mitigate against, respond to, and recover from significant incidents on campus. The CEOP is adopted by the ECC Board every three years and is a board-level policy. The CEOP is maintained and updated by ECC’s Emergency Management to maintain best practices based on a continuous improvement program.

The CEOP is supplemented with the Campus Violence Prevention Plan, hazard-specific annexes, and function-specific annexes. The plan and its support documents are submitted to the local municipal and county emergency management officials for coordination. It is reviewed annually and consistently tested through training and exercises.

Planning for emergencies and disasters is not only the responsibility of the ECC Emergency Management but of all the departments and individuals of the college. The CEOP provides a framework for all ECC plans in response to all hazards and threats to the ECC community.

Download the Campus Emergency Operations Plan - PDF

ECC Police Department

Trained and experienced experts at preventing crime and enforcing the law on campus to ensure the safety of the ECC community. Learn more about the ECC Police Department.

Firearms/Weapons Free Campus

All persons are prohibited from possessing firearms and/or weapons on property owned, leased, or controlled by ECC, including those persons with a valid federal or state license to possess firearms or weapons unless authorized by law or expressly exempted by federal or state law or ECC regulation. View firearms/weapons policy.

Campus Safety Tips

Tips to ensure your safety on campus or seek emergency assistance.