Alliance for College Readiness

This initiative promotes collaboration between educators from kindergarten through college and careers. Area educators from public and private educations systems are welcome to participate. The goal of this collaborative partnership between ECC and the public school districts in Community College District 509 is to ensure that all District 509 young people are ready for college-level courses and can experience success after high school.

Members of the Alliance for College Readiness work in faculty and staff teams to establish a common understanding of college and career readiness, to better align curriculum and instruction and to foster effective communication systems between students, educators, and parents. To learn more about this partnership, review the sections below:

Collaborative Priorities

Elgin Community College, in partnership with its regional school district partners from Districts 300, 301, 303, and U-46, establishes annual priority areas for collaboration that increase the college and career readiness of regional students.

Career Pathway Development

The Alliance is working with its secondary partners in developing career pathways that will help students to move seamlessly from high school to college-level courses in specific career fields. These pathways will align with regional employer expectations, meet state-defined competencies, and promote student preparation for regional employment opportunities. This work supports the development of the College and Career Pathway Endorsements in our district high schools.

Transitional Courses

As part of the Illinois Post-Secondary Workforce Readiness Act (PWR) transitional courses are developed in collaboration between high school and college-level educators and taught in high school. These courses give high school seniors, who are not college-ready, the opportunity to improve their communication/literacy and math skills. Students who successfully pass these transitional high school courses with a C or better have direct placement into college-level courses in these subjects, thus bypassing the placement tests.

  • Transitional Math Courses: Using the available statewide curriculum resources for Transitional Math, high school and college faculty and administrators developed three high school math courses for implementation fall 2019: STEM, Quantitative Literacy and Statistics, and Technical Math.
  • Transitional Communications Courses: English Language Arts faculty (high school and college) are coordinating a faculty exchange to align fourth-year English courses with ENG101 Composition I course expectations in preparation for the development of a Transitional Communications course to first be offered in 2021.

Dual Credit Opportunities

ECC offers secondary partners multiple options for high school students to earn college credit while in high school. Most recently, the college has expanded options for students to enroll in college courses at their high school building. The College partners with each school district to identify dual credit courses. The College also provides support through the implementation of these courses to ensure standards for quality and rigor are maintained.

ECC Placement Requirements

The College modified its placement policy for new students entering in summer/fall 2019, thereby aligning with the ICCB’s Illinois common placement framework. These changes broaden the multiple methods used to qualify students for college-level classes. The changes ensure a more accurate and holistic consideration of student readiness for college entry.

College & Career Readiness Professional Development for Educators

We believe that all students should graduate from high school ready for college, careers, and life, prepared to pursue the future of their choosing. This expectation is reinforced by the current federal and state education legislation that define expectations for student readiness. To regional aide educators in supporting their students, the Alliance for College Readiness hosts various professional development opportunities that are free and open to educators in the region.

Transition Academy Program

The classes at the Transition Academy are team-taught by one K-12 teacher and an ECC faculty member.

College Readiness Data and Trends

The Alliance for College Readiness uses data to identify trends in students’ college-going and success. Annual review of this data helps the Alliance members to keep our work focused on measurable outcomes and our potential impact on them. Data for all public schools is available through the Illinois Report Card.

  • Alliance Tableau Access: Online data visualization tool available for Alliance members only at (login required).