COVID Code of Conduct Addendum

ECC expects students to adhere to any and all campus COVID-19 rules and guidelines, as found on the College‚Äôs Campus Central webpage, including but not limited to:

  • Wear an appropriate face-covering/mask and maintain proper 6ft social distancing in all public and shared spaces on campus and when interacting with other students, faculty, or staff, even if this interaction occurs off campus (unless you share a residence).
  • Cooperate with temperature-taking checkpoints when entering College buildings.
  • Immediately report any COVID-19 exposure to ECC faculty or staff, and comply with all subsequent requests for information, directives, and contact tracing efforts.
  • Remain off-campus and away from other students, faculty, or staff if you experience any symptoms of illness.
  • Follow the ECC COVID-19 Response Team guidelines on self-isolation/quarantining when instructed to do so, not returning to campus or other class activities until cleared by that team.

The College has the responsibility, however, to take action to protect all members of this community when it discovers that a member of that community has engaged in behavior that endangers the health and safety of another.

Effective immediately, this addendum to the current ECC Student Code of Conduct is active, until further notice. Further, this addendum makes any activity which is a blatant disregard for the health and safety of ECC students, faculty, or staff, or non-adherence to the guidelines above, subject to disciplinary action, up to and potentially including suspension or dismissal from the College.

The following is a violation of the ECC Student Code of Conduct:

Engaging in any behavior or activity that endangers the health and safety of another member of the ECC community, including but not limited to the failure to observe COVID-19 behavioral expectations and guidelines when interacting with ECC students, faculty, or staff.

We understand that as our community adjusts to these new expectations and guidelines, minor mistakes may occur. In those situations, we will attempt to educate students to make better choices without issuing disciplinary sanctions. In instances of intentional non-adherence or recklessness, which threatens the health and safety of others, however, the full disciplinary process may be invoked.

By coming together and adhering to these guidelines, we are protecting our ECC community, and ensuring your fellow students, as well as the faculty and staff who have been on campus providing services for you, are able to continue their efforts to improve your lives through learning.